Technical drawing designed by Eng. Paul Birkmaier 1898

Since 1898 the name of Birkmaier has been associated with engineering.

In 1902 engineer Paul Birkmaier founded a machine and tool company in Esslingen, Germany.

In 1948 he was succeeded by his son, engineer Wolf Birkmaier, who started the production of machinery for medical industry and music industry in Augsburg. 

The registered trademark WOBA®, short for Wolf Birkmaier Augsburg, represents high quality in the medical industry all over the world.

In 1977 Eng. Manfred and Eng. Thomas Birkmaier took over the responsibility.

Due to the high quality and efficiency of our machinery and after-sales service we have built up a worldwide reputation as a supplier for medical industry.

Since 1980 our services have included turnkey factories for the production of medical products. We have built factories for many well known producers. 

In 1984, we extended our program to include development, design and manufacturing of special machinery and manufacturing plants for other industries. This line covers technical solutions to production problems, such as technology, automation of production steps and quality control.

Since 1988 Birkmaier has acted as consultant for various other projects, including customized projects that are tailored to our clients` needs. Birkmaier is your direct partner for any such a project.

Due to the constant expansion of our business, larger main offices and facilities became necessary in 1994.