Analysis - Financing

Market Analysis

At the beginning of a project, a market analysis is made to determine the actual market situation for a product. Information on marketing opportunities, sales prices and demand show the marketability of a product. BIRKMAIER carries out this important work for you. In case of a ready market for your product, we recommend to start the project.

Business Plan

Various of our clients use the possibility of a free/cheap financing through development funds or reconstruction banks. For these organizations a business plan is needed. Together with local specialists we prepare such a business plan, including a 10 year forecast.

Feasibility Studies

BIRKMAIER then prepares a feasibility study that is based on the economic data obtained so far, and calculates both breakeven point and amortization of the project.


Due to our close cooperation with international banking houses, we are able to provide financing plans for most projects. Usually various terms and conditions are available - from letters of credit valid for 120 or 720 days to 5 year financing. BIRKMAIER prepares all the paperwork related to project financing. We assist you and negotiate with the banks to get the best possible conditions for your project. Thus we can ensure reasonable project funding.